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DVD: The Way to Fly

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Land-based Power Kites and Kite Traction:

Go way beyond kite control with specific exercises on how to use a power kite/trainer kite to learn any kite traction sport. Create more and less power with the kite by varying the power strokes.

• Simulated water starts – Learn on land first to perfect movements.

• Simulated riding exercises – Learn how to control your speed with kite and body positioning.

Water-based Instruction:

Use a full-sized inflatable leading edge kite to perform exercises that will build your skills fast and safely. Bodysurf with the kiteboard to practice kite control and board control together without standing. Learn set up, launch, sheeting, water relaunching, safety systems, and landing. Learn balancing exercises such as the bobber and how to put on your kiteboard easily. Learn the valuable skill of how to self-rescue and how to land your kite by yourself.

Professional Instruction with Chris Moore:

This beginner’s guide to kiteboarding packs hundreds of hours of instructional experience into 90 minutes of easy-to-consume instructional exercises by Chris Moore. Chris is the Head Examiner for the Professional Air Sports Association (PASA) and has not only taught thousands to kiteboard, but has taught hundreds of instructors how to teach kite traction sports. His instruction is detail-oriented and will allow you to catapult your skills forward faster and safer.

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