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DVD: Big Windy

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Product Description

Big Windy is the awesome new kiteboarding movie from John Bilderback featuring Moehau Goold, Davey Blair, Reo Stevens, John Amundson, Josh Mulcoy, Mauricio Abreu, Ian Alldredge, Bertrand Fleury, Marc Ramseier, Guilly Brandao, Tuva Jansen, Kristin Boese, Ben Wilson, Pete Cabrinha, and more.

Big Windy was shot throughout Micronesia, Polynesia and Indonesia. With the help of JB’s wife, Alexis, the potential and power of the wind has been harnessed and a clear cut message on how to protect our planet has been wrapped around another successful showcase of kiting action that you’ll want to keep on going.

Big Windy Reviews:

"When I watched "Big Windy," it made me stoked that I’m a kitesurfer, we kite when it’s windy & surf when it’s not and it showcases our story with some of the most incredible water vision ever shot in kiting"  Ben Wilson

"Bilderback takes you out into the line up with him, putting you deep in the action like no one else can."  Jim Gaunt, Kiteworld Magazine