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Dacron Spun Braid 3/8″

$1.05$1.25 foot


Product Description

Dacron Spun Braid 3/8″

The Dacron Spun Braid 3/8″ is very low-stretch sheeting line and has a soft, fuzzy surface that offers excellent grip and make it easy on the hands. It features a 100% polyester braided core with a spun polyester braided cover. The 3/8″ diameter is ideal for mainsheets on Hobies, Nacra and Prindle Catamarans. Sold per foot. Spools come in 600′.  We recommend Dacron Spun Braid line for recreational cat sailors, it has a nice hand feel, cleats well and runs thru the blocks well. Dacron Spun Braid is a very soft and durable line at an economical price.  We have used this line for years and it is the industry standard line and what comes stock on Hobies.  If you are interested in a premium racing sheet we recommend Robline Racing Pro.

Use this page to order product numbers 39-0651 White, 39-0652BK Black, 39-0652RD Red and 39-0652BL Blue.

Uses and Specs for Hobie, Nacra, Prinldle, and Solcat catamarans:  We have indicated the purchase ratio on some of the boats. If you are using a modified main-sheet system, with more or less pulleys on your mainsheet, the general rule of thumb is add 4 feet for additional pulleys, and subtract 4 feet for fewer.

Hobie Mainsheet Lengths:
Hobie Getaway mainsheet is 38′
Hobie 14 mainsheet is 42′ feet for a 5:1 system
Hobie 16 mainsheet is 44′ for a 6:1 and 40′ for 5:1 system
Hobie 17 mainsheet is 42′
Hobie 18 and 18sx mainsheet is 48′ for a 7:1 system
Hobie 20 mainsheet is 41′ for just the mainsheet and 50′ with integrated center traveler control
Hobie 21 mainsheet is 68′ of 3/8″ line

Nacra Mainsheet specs:
Nacra 5.0 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Nacra 5.2 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Nacra 5.5 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Nacra 5.7 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Nacra 5.8 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Nacra 6.0NA mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line

Prindle Mainsheet specs:
Prindle 16 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Prindle 18 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Prindle 18.2 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line
Prindle 19 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line

Solcat 18 mainsheet is 40′ of 3/8″ line

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Weight N/A

Red, White, Black, Blue

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