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Stohlquist Splash Spray Jacket

$39.95 each

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Product Description

Stohlquist Splash Spray Jacket

The Stohlquist Men’s Splash Spray Jacket offers protection at an affordable price, so you’re able to budget for beer and snacks post shred-fest accordingly. This pullover splash shirt features a waterproof construction for protection, while the neck and wrist gaskets seal out moisture. Additionally, the drawcord hem bolsters your defense without making you feel like a tubular sausage stuffed into a shirt.

  • A waterproof shirt for paddling play waves
  • Waterproof exterior protects against moisture
  • Neoprene neck and wrist gauntlets are adjustable
  • Drawcord hem seals out moisture and splashes


S = 36.0-40.0in Chest
M = 40.0-44.0in Chest
L = 44.0-48.0in Chest
XL = 48.0-50.0in Chest
XXL = 50.0-54.0in Chest

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