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Dakine Fixed Lines

$26.00 pair


Product Description

Dakine Fixed Harness Lines

DaKine Fixed Harness Lines have a clean, simple attachment. Non-slip boom pads prevent twist and slippage on the windsurfing boom. Durable construction with 8-plait prestretched FSE Robline® in high density polyurethane tubing. Sols in pairs, available in both white or neon blue.


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • 8-Plait pre-stretched FSE Robline® rope
  • High-density polyurethane tubing
  • Non-slip boom pads
  • Set of two harness lines


#32-1205 20″ is DaKine item #4140400.
#32-1212 22″ is DaKine item #4140500.
#32-1213 24″ is DaKine item #4140600.
#32-1207 26″ is DaKine item #4140700.
#32-1210 28″ is DaKine item #4140800.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

White, Neon Blue, Seaford Blue

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