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Murrays Custom Hobie 18 Jib Sail 6.0oz Dacron

$350.00$470.00 each

Color Chart

Due to high demand, there is a 4 month lead time on Hyde Sail orders.


Color Choices

Color choices, Nine panels, label top to bottom

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Product Description

Murrays Custom Hobie 18 Jib Sail 6.0oz Dacron

Patterned after the factory Hobie 18 jib sail, spec-ed by Murrays. The panels and patches are assembled with a special two sided adhesive tape before they are machine stitched.  The sail is then “finished” by adding any boards, rings, hanks  etc.  The last step is quality control, the QC specialists use a check sheet as they go over each sail for flaws or errors and make sure the original specifications have been met.  Each sail includes a viewing and two tell-tale windows.

The base price is for a solid color 6.0-oz jib sail, multicolored sails are also available for an additional charge. Available colors include Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Flo Orange, Red, Brown, Yellow, Flo Yellow, Torquise Green, Black, Grey and White.

White sails are often in stock. Colored sails are custom order. Custom sails will likely take several weeks to produce.

** End of June through the beginning of August are typically very impacted months. Delivery times can be up to 8 weeks **

Not made by Hobie, therefore not legal for Hobie Class racing. Sails are typically made to order and shipped separately from other parts.

Main sail sold separately: 30-6030

The video below is a Hobie 16 sail, but it’s representative of the construction of the Hobie 18 sail.

Color Disclaimer: *The colors shown below are just a representation of the color options.  Due to inaccuracies with the camera and your screen the colors you see are not a perfect representation.  Many sail manufacturers will not show their colors due to this issue, but we wanted to give you an idea of what they look like.  We will not be held responsible for differences between their appearance in this picture and their actual color.

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