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Murrays Custom Main Sail for H16 6.0oz Dacron

$750.00 each

White Hobie 16 Main Sail


Out of stock

Product Description

Murrays Custom Main Sail for H16 6.0oz Dacron

Murrays Custom Main Sail for H16 6.0oz Dacron is patterned after the factory Hobie® 16 main sail, spec-ed by Murrays and crafted by Hyde Sails UK.  With over 50 years of sail making experience, Hyde knows how to pack their sails with features and value.  Hyde starts with Challenge 6.03-oz. Dacron®, that is computer-controlled laser cut.  The panels and patches are assembled with a special two sided adhesive tape before they are machine stitched.  The sail is then “finished” by adding any boards, rings, hanks  etc.  The last step is quality control, the QC specialists use a check sheet as they go over each sail for flaws or errors and make sure the original specifications have been met before the Murrays/Hyde Sails label is attached.  These sails are overbuilt, with lots of reinforcements built in.  They are built to last.

Sails includes a viewing windows, tell tails and a sail bag.

Limited to stock on hand, this item has live inventory, so if you can buy it we have it.



Additional information

Weight 16.84 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 6 in

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