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Trampoline Inter 20 Mesh Black

$400.00 each


Product Description

This bias-cut, black mesh tramp for Inter 20 is built to factory specifications. The one-piece tramp has a pipe sleeve aft and boltrope on three sides. It features hiking straps with a short strap, as well as one Velcro halyard pocket. The tramp is stitched with polyester thread; Teflon (PTFE) thread extends the life of the tramp and is available for an additional charge. A side lace model is available for an additional charge.

Polypropylene mesh is the ideal material for beach cat tramps because it is light, strong and comfortable with very good UV resistance, plus it allows water to drain, so you won’t be sitting in a puddle.

Lead time for this special order item varies by time of year. Order lacing separately.

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Standard, Side-Laced