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Murrays Harken 57mm Carbo 6:1 Mainsheet System

$435.00 set


Product Description

Murrays Harken 57mm Carbo 6:1 Mainsheet System

The Murrays Harken 57mm Carbo 6:1 Mainsheet System is an improved low profile mainsheet system for Hobie 16.  By attaching a fairlead to the back side of the cleat mount the Murrays system does not need a becket on the lower block which makes the system more compact and gives sailors the ability to sheet in farther and or rake the mast back farther before having the mainsheet bottom out and go block to block.  The 6:1 Harken 57mm Carbo system is standard on all new Hobie 16s and is an upgrade to the old style Hobie 16 mainsheet system with 3 single blocks attached to the boom.

Line sold separately: The 57mm Harken Carbo blocks fit up to 3/8″ or 10mm line.  We recommend Dacron Spun Braid as a economy mainsheet line and Pro Racing Sheet as a premium mainsheet line. The Standard Hobie 16 mainsheet is 46′ in length.

The Murrays Harken 57mm Carbo 6:1 Mainsheet System can also be used on Prindle 16, Prindle 18, Prindle Blast, Nacra 5.0, Nacra 5.2, Hobie Getaway.

Harken Description: Light weight, low profile and very strong, these Carbo AirBlocks® have enormous working range, with a higher working load than standard blocks, even though they are lighter in weight! The Carbo Ratchmatic® is a load-sensing ratchet block that rolls freely in both directions under low loads, and automatically engages the ratchet as loads increase. Shifting between ratchet and light air modes is seamless. Unloaded, the sheet runs freely during mark roundings and jibes. Ratchet engagement may be adjusted to a higher or lower load according to strength and sailing style. Holding power of 57 mm is as high as 10:1. Safe working load is 1500 pounds; breaking strength is 3750 pounds. Includes a 57mm Triple Carbo Ratchamatic Base (#28-2629) and a 57mm Triple boom block with swivel (#28-2604); line is not included.


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