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ClamCleat Kitebar depower cleat – CL826


Product Description

ClamCleat Kitebar depower cleat – CL826

The ClamCleat Kitebar depower cleat – CL826 is a Hard Anodized Aero Cleat that is commonly used on kiteboarding control bars as a depower cleat.  It has been a stock item on many production kite bars and today is most often used by racers who are making their own bars.  One of the great functions of this cleat is that it is easy to move up and down the sheeting line to adjust the bar throw and sheeting range. 

The CL826 is for above the bar depower systems that feature a single line that runs from the chickenloop up thru the bar, then up to a pulley or ring and back down thru the cleat.  This way kiters can easily adjust their bar throw and the length of their depower line.  It can be used to set up new bars or to replace depower cleats that have worn out.

ClamCleat Description:

A compact aluminum cleat for brake lines. Easy to rig and adjust. The position of the cleat on the rope can be adjusted by hand. No tools required. Perfect for use on brake lines.

Replacement depower cleats for kite bars.
Easily to replace sheeting cleat for kiteboarding control bars.
Compatible with BWS, Mutiny, Caution kites, Eclipse, RRD, and more.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in

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