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ATTENTION: Our office staff will be out of the office this week. We will still be shipping and processing web orders, e-mails and voicemails will be handled in a limited capacity. We will be attending AWSI Sept 7th-10th and closed on labor day the 6th. We do this to learn about the new board sports products coming soon to better serve you! We will be back on Mon the 13th.

Rudder Gudgeon: Upper H14, H16 H17 Only

$17.99 each

Product Description

This latest, strongest design with welded sleeve bushings provides large, smooth bearing surfaces between rudder pins and gudgeons. Replace flared gudgeons with their sharp edges and point loading that can cause early rudder pin failure. For Hobie® 14’s, 16’s and 17, order separate upper and lower gudgeons. For all other Hobie® cats, order #25-3352 for both gudgeons. Each.

This gudgeon is a replacement for item #50101301.

Additional information

Weight 0.06 lbs

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