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Ronstan Block Single Bullet 20mm with Swivel Shackle Head

$22.30 each

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Product Description

Ronstan’s 20mm single bullet block with swivel shackle head is lightweight and has low friction and a high static and dynamic load capacity. Precision molded Acetal sheaves running on stainless steel ball bearings provide high performance and low friction.

Materials include stainless steel ball bearings, UV-stabilized Acetal sheave, grade 316 stainless steel load strap and head fitting, and impact and UV -resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon cheeks.


  • Sheave diameter 3/4"
  • Maximum rope diameter 1/4"
  • Pin diameter 1/8"
  • Maximum working load 550 lb.
  • Breaking load 1210 lb.
  • Weight .7 oz.

Use for dinghy control lines, dinghy vangs, Cunninghams and traveler controls.

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