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Halyard Shackle with Twist Pin

$21.15$23.50 each


Product Description

The main advantage to the Halyard Shackle with Twist Pin is that you cant loose any of it once its attached.  The top pin holds it on and the bottom pin dose not come out.  Never loose your shackle pins again!

The 3/16″ Halyard Shackle with Twist Pin is a stainless steel shackle that is a quick and convenient replacement for 3/16 bow or D shackles. It is commonly used as a Hobie 14 and 16 jib clew block. Hobie 16 sailors use the 3/16″ shackle to connect their jib sheet blocks to the jib clew.

The 3/16″ Halyard Shackle with Twist Pin is used on the following Murrays products:
02-0284 – Hobie 16 Jib Halyard with Shackle
01-3231 Hobie 16 Quick Release Convienence package
30-5203-4 Spinnaker Rig Kit
02-0873-60 Hobie Wave with Comptip Main Halyard

The 1/4″ Halyard Shackle with Twist Pin is used in the following Murrays Products
30-5030 Radial Head Spinnaker rig kit
30-5203-1 Spinnaker halyard rig kit
02-4383-50 N-5.5SL Jib Halyard w/Shackle

Use this page to order item numbers 21-1032 (3/16″) and 21-1033 (1/4″).


Additional information

Weight N/A
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Clevis Pin Size

3/16", 1/4"