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2021 Duotone SLS Pro Whip


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Product Description

2021 Duotone SLS Pro Whip

SLS – The 2021 Duotone SLS Pro Whip features Duotones new Innegra Shield technology.  Innegra is a new material that is lighter than fiberglass and increases overall strength and impact resistance.  The Innegra Shield also helps distribute loads aiding in the flex and recoil.  Innegra has a resilient flex making the board drive thru turns and then transfers the load into drive, making the SLS Pro Whip feel incredibly responsive and powerful.  The SLS Innegra Shield is a win, win, win: reduced weight, increased strength, and improved performance.

Modern Compact Shape – The 2021 Duotone SLS Pro Whip shape has not changed for 2021.  It is still the premier all around board for strapless freestyle and small to medium waves.  In waves it accelerates quickly, holds an edge at high speeds, and it incredibly responsive.  For Freestyle the deep channeling that runs the length of the board disperses impact on landings allowing riders to land bigger airs easier and with less damage to the board and their feet.  The Pro Whip has been an industry leader in the compact surf board market for many years now, drawing from its heritage as the go to Strapless freestyle board and now with it’s more shapely outline it has become the all around performance board that it is today.  The Pro Whip excels in the most common conditions from short fetch chop to mushy waves to head high surf.  So weather you are riding on a lake, slicks, or the coast the Pro Whip will be a great tool in your quiver that will be in its element in virtually any conditions that come at you.

Description – For many riders, strapless freestyle and wave riding are seen as one, you can pull your favorite tricks on the way out, and gouge some deep turns as you come back in. The Whip SLS takes our Compact Surf Shape and pushes it even further in terms of performance with this new lighter and more engaging construction. This is the board in the range that can seamlessly satisfy the needs of strapless freestyle pros and seasoned surfers alike. It is an exceptionally well-balanced board with incredible handling, thanks to the straight outline and parallel rails. It provides explosive snap off the top and has a fantastic ability to turn really tight in the pocket of the steepest sections. It never catches a rail or stalls and has a fluid feel underfoot when you are riding, which is sure to engage even the most discerning of kiteboarders. When you want to take off, you’ll find the flex offers a good pop, and the compact shape makes it easy to control in the air with a low swing weight. Comfortable in a wide range of conditions, this makes a perfect one-board quiver for the rider who wants to push the limits on the waves and in the air. When performance and versatility really matter, there is only one choice, the Pro Whip SLS.

All Around Compact Design:

Double Concave Base:  The deep double channeled base really helps lock in the rails and disperses impact on landings.

Carbon Neutral: Duotone is committed to using Sustainable Materials, Eco Centered Production Facilities, Sustainability Campaigns, Carbon Offsets to bring you the best product that does the least harm to the planet and gives back where their impact if felt most.

High Performance Construction: Sustainable shock absorbing cork top deck construction, Technora net is high-tensile strength, dimensional stabilizer ideal fiber placed in areas of high impact.

Responsive Flex: Using bamboo in our surf boards, to take full advantage of the dynamic qualities of this natural product. Layered and mixed with composite materials to construct powerful, agile and versatile surf boards that come with a unique flex – responsive flex!

Reduced Nose and Tail:  New reduced volume, narrowed nose and tail shape on the Pro Whip elevate its wave performance and allow for increased carving and critical section performance as compared to a parallel rail design.


SLS Pro Whip Sizes / Specs:

4’11”  (4’11” x 17 3/4″ x 2″ / 18.7L)
5’1″   (5’1″ x 18 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ / 21.1L)
5’3″   (5’3″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ / 23.7L)
5’5″   (5’5″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 3/8″ / 26.5L)


CSC design- Compact Shape Concept delivers direct feedback and impressive rail grip.
Snappy and Carvy- Perfect for tight snaps and smooth carves.
Fast and stable- Speed in combination with absolute control is the magic combination.
Light Team Construction- A very light, still very robust construction with a lot of feedback for the rider.
Cork shock absorber 2.0- The cork shock absorber 2.0 is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboard to avoid heel dents. Cork offers excellent absorption characteristics and reforms entirely without leaving any visible dents in contrast to PVC. Therefore, it is applied as a damper in the heel area.
Vacuum Epoxy Custom- The best mix for a pure surf feel, but still robust and durable enough to take the impacts a kitesurf board needs to take.
Innegra Shield – The Innegra shield vastly increases durability and impact resistance, making the SLS boards significantly more resilient against cracks, dings and heel dents.
Includes – Duotone SLS Pro Whip Board, Fins, and Rear Traction Pad.

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Kiteboard Size

4'11", 5'1", 5'3", 5'5"