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2020 Cabrinha Varial Foil Wing – Small

$329.00 $229.00

Product Description

2020 Cabrinha Varial Foil Wing – Small

The Cabrinha Varial Wing is a surf inspired wing that can be used for kite foiling, foil surfing and Wing Foiling. The Varial is a very responsive foil that carves and pumps exceptionally well.  We recommend the Varial for those who want a more and dynamic foil for freeride or surf foiling.

Surface area:
Small – 1400cm
Medium – 1600cm

The Cabrinha Varial Wings are compatible with all 2019 and 2020 Cabrinha Hi:Rise foils.

Sizing Info:

Small Varial – The Small Varial wing is very responsive and agile despite it’s 1400cm size it feels performs with the agility of a smaller wing but with the lift of a wing its stze.  It’s size does not hold it back from going fast or create imense lift at higher speeds, the varial performs well with a kite, behind a boat and paddeling into waves.  It is recmended for kiters looking to play in the surf, or want a responsive foil for carving and pumping as well as advanced freeride foiling. Also foil surfers up to 160lbs paddeling into small to medium surf or bigger surfers in bigger waves.  Also great for Tow-ins, wake foiling, wing foiling for a lighter rider or heavier winds.

Medium Varial – The Medium keeps most of the agility of the small wing but has a lower foil engagement speed making it ideal for kiters looking for low speed lift, lots off glide and agility. Foil surfers around 160-180lbs in small to medium surf. The Medium is also great for lighter wing foilers who want an agile foil for freeride or surf performance.

Murrays 2 cents: Lots of foils out there have performance pitfalls, weather they create varying amounts of lift with speed making them hard to prevent from jumping out of the water when you increase speed quickly or taking a nose dive when slowing down. Another common foil perfomance issue is when the stability on their 3 axis, yaw, pitch and roll, are not balanced and one axis is stiff while another is really loose which makes them less intuitive and it inevitably holds them back at some point, making them more difficult to ride.  The Varial wings are very well balanced which makes them quite intuitive to carve and pump and they don’t seam to be hindered by their size in the way that they don’t create increasing amounts of lift with speed nor does their size prevent them from hitting higher speeds.  To me they felt a bit squirrely at 1st but once we spent a little time with them that squirrlyness became agility and responsiveness and then we really begin to appreciate their true carving and pumping capabilities.  They have quickly become a team favorite.

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