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2020 Slingshot Hover Glide V4 F-Kite Foil


Product Description

2020 Slingshot Hover Glide V4 F-Kite Foil

Murrays Review:

Slingshot has invested deeply into foil design and the H4 wing is a great example of the fruit of their effort.  It is a very stable foil the engages at a low speed and foils at medium to low speeds.  It is a very friendly foil that is easy for beginners and is also super fun to pump, carve and practice transitions on for the more advanced rider.  We would recommend this foil to entry level riders and people looking for low speed ease of use as well as people who want to ride waves.  The slower speed really help you stay in the pocket and its a great wing for pumping and carving on swell.




  • NEW Neoprene wing covers & Custom travel case
  • Our hand-picked package for versatility and user-friendly freeride Kite foiling
  • Space Skate wing has tons of range, playful feel and self-centering flight
  • Great for learning and progression- plenty of lift, forgiving response
  • Super playful side-to-side handling, feels like powder turns on a snowboard
  • Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components


This setup is stable and forgiving enough for entry-level foilers to learn with and is super agile and playful for more advanced freeriding as you progress.

Slingshot on the V4: Space Skate Wing

We have taken all the input we have gotten from our foil academy (thousands of users) to build the most dynamic and playful all-around kite foil package on the market, period. This is Slingshot innovation at its finest, and it’s years ahead of the competition. Look around, do your research…you’ll see what we mean.

The Hover Glide FKite package is equipped with the Space skate (H4) front wing instead of the H5 wing of the prior two years. The H5 was (and is) a great all-around wing, but now that we have it dialed, the H4 is the obvious evolution for the FKite package. This is one of the most versatile foils in our line. Its size and surface area provide the lift and stability needed for learning, progression, tricks, and transitions. Its unique dihedral shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and self-centering flight that you have to feel to believe.

All Hover Glide wings have been re-engineered. New carbon composite is significantly lighter than years past, but still a lot less expensive than the high-end carbon only a select few foilers ever need. The magic feel of the H4 wing comes from its arched “batwing” shape that essentially acts as a self-centering device as you ride. When you lean into a turn and let off, it wants to find a level flight rather than continuing at the same angle and requiring rider input to correct. The result is a super playful and forgiving feel that lets you bounce from turn to turn like you’re carving down a fresh patch of pavement on a long-board – hence its name, the Space Skate.

Slingshot Hover Glide V4 F-Kite Foil package includes:

65cm Carbon Space Skate Wing set

71cm Mast

Shift Fuselage

Cary case and wing covers

All hardware and tools required for set up as shown below

Slingshot Hover Glide H4 F-Kite Foil