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2017 Liquid Force Wow V2

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Product Description


Liquid Force’s Description:

      Welcome to the Liquid Force WOW V2.  Designed to feel like a seamless extension of your board and body, the WOW flies fast across the window, pulls only when you want it to, and drifts like a nimble cloud. Offering silky smooth sheet-and-go power delivery, exceptional maneuverability, and instant response, the WOW gives you the precision and freedom needed to position yourself right where you want to be — on each and every unique wave — for the ultimate, connected, surf-like feel.
The WOW is not just a surf-oriented kite though. It’s stacked with free-riding traits, including stellar lift for big boosts and long glides, pivotal looping for fast air transitions and gentle down-loop landings, a small LE for better upwind performance, and ultra responsive bridal for fluid, carving turns.


Murrays Description:

    The 2017 Liquid Force Wow V2 is the most advanced kite that Liquid Force has released to date.  It is packed with new features like customizable bridles and triple rip stop Teijin canopy material.  The WOW V2 has the narrowest leading edge in the 2017 kite line up giving it the fastest forward flying speed and an incredible up wind angle of attach. The WOW V2 is for riders who want an aggressive kite, who like to actively fly their kite and demand high performance.  The Wow V2 is for wave riders who want a pivotal turning, stable kite, with quick relaunch that drifts with ease.  Freeriders who want a fast kite with great lift and hang time.  Foilers who want great upwind ability and lots of depower. 

This year Liquid Force made subtle refinements to the trailing edge tension, how the bridle attach to the kite as well as, bridle locations, and the tuning options, honing the machine that is the WOW V2 to a new level of performance and power.  In 2017 LF also is continuing to push forward with new advancements in the materials used and how to strategically place them to get the best performance and durability.  In 2017 LF continued in it’s weight reduction regime, as they are continuing to shave ounces from the kites to get as much stability and performance out of their kite platforms as possible.  In the V2 LF added triple rip stop canopy material and webbing bridle attachment points which are located  below the leading edge so that they are not rubbing on the ground when the kite is laying on the beach.  Also new to the 2017 Wow line up are the additions of the 5m and 14m sizes which are great for lighter and heavier riders and those wanting to take the Wow into the extremes of its windrange.

We here at Murrays are stoked with this years refinements to the Liquid Force Wow V2.  We think they have really stepped up their game in the last few years and are proving to be industry leaders with their shapes, materials, designs, and willingness to try something new.  Personally the Wow has been my go to kite for the surf, boosting and foiling, but it is a bit fast and forward flying for my in the freestyle realm so I go back to the Envy for practicing new tricks on twin tips.

Why A Reduced Diameter Leading Edge?

Featuring a reduced-diameter leading edge for efficient flying, reduced weight, and maximized upwind performance,
the WOW flys far forward in the window, yet can be placed deeper in the window for raw
power only when you need it.

The Canopy And Dacron Materials

We at Liquid Force are dedicated to extensive material development that adds performance and durability to your kite
purchase. We have teamed up with Challenge Sailcloth, recognized as a leading innovator in woven sail
fabrics that withstand the harsh environment of sailing and kiteboarding. We are proud to bring exclusive
canopy and Dacron materials that have been both lab tested and field tested to the highest degree of
standards in kiteboading.

Double laminated, high strength-to-weight ratio triple rip-stop canopy material. Dura-X is designed with
high density structure using high tenacity polyester yarn. And it is reputed for its lightness, high tearing
strength, and high endurance.

Dacron LE: Developed with Challenge Sailcloth, a leader in technical fabrics and materials specific
for use in the harsh environment and rigors of sailing. Dacron DK210 is a high tenacity, high modulus
material resulting in extreme resistance to bias stretch and retains a rigid structure allowing the
WOW to have its unique LE shape.

Pressure sensitive adhesive taffeta tap is used in the LF “Layered Frame” construction. This lightweight
tape creates a strong graduated connection between Dacron and canopy rip stop layers.

DK160: Considered one of the best specific use sailcloth’s in the world DK160 is a unique rip stop
Dacron developed in collaboration with Challenge Sailcloth. DK160 is the first Dacron that has
been developed for the specific use in the wingtip and strut construction of the kite. DK160 had
a unique high modulus tenacity weave that translates to high stretch resistance and reduced weight.

Liquid Force Wow V2 Bridles

Pulley-free, the WOW features a clean, simple, and uncluttered bridle design, resulting in a more direct feel, and lightning-quick, optimized response. The front bridles connection point are customizable to achieve your desired wave riding kite feel.



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