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2016 17.5m Liquid Force Solo V2

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Product Description

2016 Liquid Force Solo V2: size 17.5m is in stock

The Liquid Force Solo is back for it’s second year, The 2016 Solo called the Solo V2.  Updates have been fairly substantial, tightening up the canopy but not loosing the low end power that it is know for. It’s light weight and really ease of use.  The V2 Solo is a very versatile and user friendly kite that performs really well in a wide variety of conditions.


Triple ripstop canopy material – stronger, stiffer and more tear resistant

LF Says: Our new triple rip-stop pattern along with the Challenge “Si560” additive is
engineered exclusively for extreme durability and longevity in the harsh elements of
kiteboarding. Both sides of the material are coated with this proprietary PU coating
system and this is combined with a High Mass Fiber Weave technology construction
that gives the fabric uniform low stretch characteristics. DK50 has been tested and
proven to give improved abrasion resistance and tearing strength over traditional
single and double rip-stop canopy.

More profile and sweep in the wingtips – quicker kite response and more intuitive feedback

Higher sweep means increased turning speed, bar feedback, and effortless re-launch even in the lightest wind velocity.

The New Cascade Bridle System features
Increased attachment points give extra LE frame support creating more stability inthe kite shape in over powered situations.
New connections points are closer to the center of the kite gives it a much more crisp feel in bar response and a more pivotal turning radius.
The Cascade Bridle System has shorter bridle line connections that help reduce drag and prevent bridle line wraps.

Tension Trailing Edge – Reduces flutter, creates efficiency and increases TE strength
The Solo utilizes a Tension Trailing Edge pattern. This wavy material addition
increases the tension between the canopy and the leading edge thus reducing the TE
flutter during depowered situations creating stability and increased material lifespan.

Why we love it: Liquid Force Solo V2
The Liquid Force V2 Solo is improving upon the success of the V1 Solo which was one of our favorite kites of 2015.  Here are a  few of the features that make it stand out.
Stability- It is just so easy to fly, a real confidence builder, even in waves and practicing tricks, you hardly need to worry about the kite when chasing down a wave or after failed jumps.
Light weight – reacts quickly and it can fly in the lightest breeze.
Low end grunt – the V2 Solo has a massive wind range and they pull like a kite nearly 2 meters bigger without the extra weight or size of a bigger kite, which means the Solo V2 can keep us on the water when everyone else with the same size kite is already back on the beach.
Hang time – The V2 Solo soars, they almost remind us of old foil kites, they way they go up and then para-glide back down for long jumps ans soft landings.  The Solo gives you heaps of hang time which to work on new tricks or hold the grab longer and add extra rotations.
Makes light wind easy – light wind riding can be a real test of your skills, but the Solo is so stable and light that it can fly in very little wind you don’t have to do everything perfect to keep it in the sky.

All of this makes the Solo V2  it is very accessible for beginners and great choice for freeriders, lightwind areas, foilers, and kitesurfers.

The Liquid Force Solo V2 is available in: 17.5m

The 2016 Liquid Force Solo V2 has amazing low end power and that makes it a very easy sheet in and go kite.  Its stable, light, and has tons of power.  The V2 solo makes light wind kite boarding easier and more accessible then ever before.

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