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13″ Dynabar XW V8 Sliding Spreader Bar

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The DYNABAR XW V8 is the most advanced spreader bar available on the market and its features make it the best solution for all kitesurf disciplines.

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Product Description

13″ Dynabar XW V8 Sliding Spreader Bar

The DYNABAR XW V8 is the most advanced spreader bar available on the market and its features make it the best solution for all kitesurf disciplines.  The XW Dynabar allows the attachment point on your harness spreader bar to pivot from side to side which allows you to rotate your hips with much more freedom.  This is a great tool for people who love to ride toe-side.  Riding toe-side is much easier when the pull from your kite is over on your hip rather than still locked in front of you.  Surfers also love the freedom that a sliding bar provides so that they can get fuller rotations on cutbacks and turns, being able to turn away from the kite without fighting the leverage of a stationary spreader bar.

The XW has a new reduced weight forged stainless backing plate.  DYNABAR XW V8 was available in two sizes: 11″ or 29cm for S-M harness size and 13″ which is 34cm for L-XL harness size. It is best to measure the space between buckles and verify to have enough space to fully tighten your harness if you are increasing the length of your spreader.

Additional features include:

Quick eject system – quickly eject the spreader hook from the harness, this is a redundant safety when attached to a chickenloop or a safety if you decide to use a shackle to hook up to your spreader.

Auto centering bungee – The auto center bungee will recenter your spreader hook as soon as pressure is released from your chickenloop.  This is a Dynabar exclusive feature and is a great innovation, once you change directions the bungee helps bring your harness hook across so that it is never in the wrong spot.

Sliding leash attachment ring: The sliding leash attachment ring is perfect for short leashes, it can slide from side to side to that when engaged it will pull you from your side that is closest to the kite and wont try to turn you around.

Safety hook pocket:The DYNABAR XW V8 has a pocket in the pad to hold a line knife so that you can carry a safety knife front and center so it is always in reach.

Spare Dyneema slider: Comes with 2 Dyneema sliding lines so that you will be sure to get a long life out of your spreader.

Fixed pull is possible by removing the sliding hook and adding a shackle or using the Dyneema sliding line as shown in the picture. Then The Chickenloop can be attached directly to loop in the center of the spreader.

Dynabar XW V8 fixed attachment

  Or you can attach your centerline directly to the short leash as pictured below.


Thanks to the new Webbing Adapter DYNABAR XW V8 is compatible with virtually every harness brand and model.

The XW V8 package includes the following accessories: Dynabar’s Forged Sliding Hook –  ProRace Dyneema Slider – 45mm Belt Hook to adapt to virtually any harnesses – Sliding Leash Attachment Ring –  Quick Eject System – Spare Dyneema Slider – Auto-centering bungee – and Dynabar pad.

Compatible accessories:

Dynabar HD Slider Assembly

Dynabar Sliding D Shackle

Dynabar Sliding Short Leash



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 2 in

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