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Hull Cradle: H17, H18 Bow Each

$89.00 each

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Product Description

This hull cradle bolts directly to any trailer that utilizes 2″ cross supports, and will adapt easily to larger sizes by cutting off the leading edge of cradle. Bolts are not included; one bolt per cradle is recommended. This cradle is also adaptable for use with homemade beach wheels. The size fits Hobie 17 or 18 bow to about 5 feet back. Please let us know of any boats to be added to the list of boats that this cradle fits. Each.

Dimensions of inside of cradle:
Width: 7-3/4″
Depth: 3-1/4″
Width 1″ from bottom: 5″

Oversized Shipping charge: 10.00 each

Additional information

Weight 1.16 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 6 in

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