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Power Righting Sytem without Pole

$130.00 each

Product Description

Power Righting System without Pole

This system employs a righting pole (not included) that is attached to the underside of the mainbeams. While underway, it rides under the tramp and attaches to the rear beam, safely tucked out of the way. Once capsized, you merely release the pole from the rear beam and swing it out perpendicular to the boat. The Power Righting System is suitable for 14′ to 20′ cats. This system includes all parts except the pole, plus installation instructions.

Here’s how it works:
When a capsize occurs, get the bows of the boat into the wind to put less load on the boat and righting system and make it easier to right. To right the boat, simply release the bungee that holds the pole out of the water and swing the pole out so it is perpendicular to the boat’s fore/aft. Now, to get more righting leverage, raise the pole to around 40° above the straight-out position and then slip the stopper knot through the beam loop so it is ahead of the beam loop. Now, reach out and grab the pole at the end and hang onto it. The boat should comeup very quickly. Once the boat is up, release the stopper knot on the righting line from the beam loop and get back on the boat. After the boat is underway, the pole will come straight back in alignment to bungee back to the rear beam. Then off you go!

Finding your own pole: We use a Windsurfing mast and a mast base cup in our power pole system.  The mast base cup that has a OD of 1.5″ so the pole needs have an ID of 1-17/32″ to fit the mast base cup supplied with this system.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs

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