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Air Flow Tels Red/Green Set of 14

$7.99 each

Product Description

Air-flow Tels are wind-on-the-sail indicators that show the air flow across the sails, allowing you to trim sails for maximum performance. The result is better boat speed, less pinching, and no guesswork about placing the jib sheet lead forward or aft. No holes are required in the sails; waterproof adhesive locator discs attach the Tels. Tels are made of ripstop nylon for maximum sensitivity and long life. The set of 14 high visibility Tels includes red and green (port and starboard colors).

How to Read the Air-Flow Tels

When the basic trim of the sail is correct, the Tels on both sides of the luff will stream aft. When the sail needs trimming or if you are pointing too high, the windward Tel will dance upward. If you’re trimmed in too tight or sailing too low, the leeward Tels will lift. When sailing a fixed course, adjust the jib to the Tels; when sailing "on the wind," adjust the boat direction. Most boats are at maximum when the windward Tels are just barely fluttering. If both Tels are streaming straight aft, you can probably ease the sheet slightly. To check the fore and aft placement of the jib fairlead, bring the boat onto a close-hauled course and trim the sail. Observe the action of all three pairs of Tels. With a good fairlead position, all Tels should flow smoothly and horizontally. If the fairlead is too far aft, the highest windward and lowest leeward Tels will flutter. If the fairlead is too far forward, the highest leeward and lowest windward Tels will flutter. When a good setting is found for a particular sail and wind condition, take note of it for reference.

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