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H16 Forestay with Pigtail Aussie 1/8″

$40.00 each

Product Description

The Murrays Hobie 16 Aussie Forestay with pigtail is a one piece forestay that features a pigtail for the Hobie 16 Aussie Jib Halyard system.

You can upgrade your old Hobie 16 jib halyard system to the Aussie style with this part or replace your existing Aussie style forestay and pigtail. This will replace the old shorter forestay, the jib block assembly, and the upper forestay. You will need to also purchase the Aussie Halyard to attach to the Pigtail. This part has a pull to pull length of 18′ 2-3/4″.

Compare to Hobie Cat® #20810031 plus #20810041.

Additional information

Weight 0.92 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in

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