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H16 Shroud 1/8″

$35.00$45.00 each

To order a custom length: Enter desired length in the special instructions field at checkout.


Product Description

H16 Shroud 1/8″

The Murrays H16 Shroud 1/8″ is a shroud or sidestay for the Hobie 16. Made with 316 stainless steel 1/8″ wire to 90’s factory specifications, 18’11”.  18’11” will fit the majority of the H16s out there especially with older sail plans. This was the Factory spec from 1995 through 2009. Murrays rigging is made to order and can be made to any length.  We can add or subtract up to 4″ at no extra charge.  Shroud lengths were originally 19’2″ until 1995. In 1995 they were shortened to 18’11” and then they were shortened again in 2009 to 18′ 10.25″.  Hobie shortened the shrouds to rake the mast further back, which helps the boat point upwind. To shorten the shrouds on an older boat you will need to add an additional 10 hole shroud adjuster to your forestay.

Shrouds are sold individually, order 2 to get a set. We recommend getting both at the same time to ensure equal length and strength of your rigging.

The current factory spec is 18′ 10.25″ since 2009.

Thimble/marine eye upgrade: Hydraulic swagging produces a cleaner, stronger shroud. A marine eye is installed at the bottom end fitting where breakage commonly occurs. Electrolysis is reduced because both wire and marine eye are stainless steel. Wire manufacturers recommend stainless steel marine eye terminal fittings for 1 x 19 wire to assure full rated strength of wire.

Use this page to order product numbers:

  • 02-0204-00 Bare with thimble/thimble fittings
  • 02-0204-01 White with thimble/thimble fittings (compare to Hobie Cat® #20790011)
  • 02-0204-02 Black with thimble/thimble fittings (compare to Hobie Cat® #20792011)
  • 02-0204-11 White with thimble/marine eye fittings
  • 02-0204-12 Black with thimble/marine eye fittings

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
End Fittings

Thimble/Thimble, Thimble/marine Eye

Wire Coating Color

White, Black, Bare

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