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Jib Clew Pigtail Kit

$34.95 each

Product Description

Jib Clew Pigtail Kit

Easy-connect Dyneema® jib clew pigtail. Speed up tacks and improve sail shape by moving jib clew blocks away from the jib clew.

Color may vary from picture.


  • jib Clew Pigtails move jib clew blocks about 14″ from jib clew— saves about 4 feet of sheeting/unsheeting per tack!
  • “Locked” eye splices— jib blocks cannot slip or un-tie.
  • Save weight (only 2.4oz) and move weight away from jib clew— better sail shape in light wind.
  • Lightweight, easy-connect— jib can be attached/removed without unlacing jib sheet.
  • Nothing to tie, lace or adjust— unless you want.
  • Custom lengths are available on request.
  • Add your existing clue blocks or see related items below for suggestions.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs

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