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Product Description

Hobie Rudder Tight Bushing

The Hobie Rudder Tight Bushing fits most Hobie rudder castings and replaces Hobie style nyliners. Murrays sells bushings individually, so order 2 to 3 per side.

These bushings are compatible with Hobie 14, 16, 17,18, 21sc, as well as Nacra and Prindle rudder pins.  Also fits Hobie Wave and Hobie Getaway Pre-EZ Loc upper pintles. 

The Murrays version is made to the same spec as Hobie’s, but we use high strength Delrin plastic instead of weaker the nylon that Hobie uses.

These bushings are normal wear and tear parts on Hobies and they take up the slop between the rudder pins and the lower rudder castings.  They also prevent more wear on the castings as they provide a buffer between the two metal parts.

Not for use with the Hobie Wave / Getaway EZ Loc Rudder system

Compare to Hobie Cat part number 8062001

Additional information

Weight 0.01 lbs

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