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Tramp Lacing Kit H14, 16, 18 – Shock Cord

$55.00 each

Product Description

Shock Cord Tramp Lacing Kit H14, 16, 18

Shock Cord Tramp Lacing Kit H14, 16, 18 is for the recreational sailor who is lacing a trampoline. Shock Cord is usually the better choice over line tramp lacing. Just “set it and forget it” because shock cord maintains the tension you set when lacing your tramp. Shock cord also reduces tramp and grommet wear because the load is spread over multiple grommets, especially when walking on the tramp. The latest technology shock cord used in our kits lasts longer than previous shock cords, but not as long as line.

Lacing kit contains cinch rings and 35′ (one 15′ length and two 10′ lengths) of 3/8″ premium shock cord, enough for HobieĀ® 14, 16 or 18 tramps, plus instructions. Cinch rings can be squeezed with pliers, or, for a cleaner finish, with shock cord pliers. Compare to Hobie CatĀ® #2064.

Additional information

Weight 1.9 lbs

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