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Product Description

5″ Flat Access Port

The 5″ Flat Access Port is designed to install on a flat surface. Each hatch includes one deck ring and one lid. A lip accommodates a Cat Bag (sold separately). For HobieĀ® 20 and Tiger. This also fits the NACRA 15 and fits much like the VIKING access ports. Customers tend to prefer this style to the ports that became stock in 2018. Does not include hardware, hardware options shown in the related items section below.

Compare to NACRA part number 30365

Compare to Hobie part number 41370001
Fits Hobie Getaway 5″ hatch

These are compatible with the Viking lids.

  • Murrays product #01-1195WH White comparable to Viking Marine item #1101.
  • Murrays product #01-1195BK Black comparable to Viking Marine item #1102.

Flat Access Ports

The underside of port deck rings are flat and are to be used on the specialized flat locations on the decks of various catamarans, such as Hobie Cats, NACRAs, Prindles etc.

5 inch port specs

Installation suggestions:

Prepare for the replacement installation of your new Flat Access Port 5″. First remove the old port and clean the contact surfaces. Fill fastener holes if they do not align with the new port.

To prepare for first time installation of your new 5″ Flat Access Port cut new hole in the deck for the port. It helps to create a template, by placing the port ring on a piece of paper and tracing the outer ring. Cut out the ring on the outside of the trace line, to ensure that your hole is larger than the port ring. Trace the template onto the desired deck location. Drill a starter hole inside what will be the port, and use a jig saw or other fine control saw to cut through the deck along the trace line.

Apply marine sealant or your other preferred bedding compound to the underside of the ring and the inside edge of the port hole in the deck. With the lid assembled, install the ring into the deck.

Press assembly into position. Press firmly, but keep top surface flat. Remove excess sealant.

Install fasteners (we recommend nylon screws and nuts, because rivets or stainless hardware may exert excess force to distort the shape of the ring, or corrode and make future replacements difficult. (Aluminum rivets with backup washers are OK)

Do not over tighten the fasteners!

Good Luck.


Tags: Access Port, Deck Plate, Port Cover, Deck Port

Additional information

Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions N/A

White, Black

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