Hi-Low Trapeze Adjustment Kit with Handle

$150.00 pair

Product Description

Simple and adjustable on the fly, with constant upward tension on the trapeze ring and separate on-the-wire height adjustment. Easy to hook up and hike out with no initial adjustments. Very low stretch lines and Ronstan® turning blocks and aluminum Clamcleats® with roller fairleads for 2:1, easy-pull, easy-release height adjustment. Crew can move fore or aft while maintaining proper height. Constant, smooth-action tension on the trapeze ring helps avoid accidental unhooking. Lower T-handle is always within reach. Stock trapeze wire must be shortened by approximately 10″; we will install the kits for you when you order trapeze wires. Includes V-jam cleats, mid-level handle/block assembly, rope locks and line. Order rings and shock cord separately. Pair.

To demonstrate use, this kit is shown connected to trapeze wire, trapeze shock cord and optional Can’t Miss rings. Compare to Hobie Cat® #1204.

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