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EZ-Up Trapeze Kit: Harken

$42.00 pair

Product Description

Reduce friction on stock trapeze systems by installing a kit with bullet blocks. On older boats that don’t include a trapeze return kit, this kit will make hooking up much more predictable. Inadvertent unhooking from the trapeze is greatly reduced by providing upward tension on the trap ring. Bullet blocks permit the shock cord to retract the adjustment line smoothly, maintaining constant tension between the trapeze ring and hook.

The Harken EZ-Up Kit is recommended when wires are being cut or if trapeze is being ordered with EZ-Up installed. Kit includes height adjustment lines, rope locks and instructions. Order rings, shock cord and shackle separately. Pair. (To demonstrate use, this kit is shown connected to trapeze wire, trapeze shock cord and optional Can’t Miss rings.) Trapeze adjustment kits may be added to wire with no installation charge! Indicate choices when ordering and wire length will be adjusted accordingly.

This kit is similar to Hobie Cat® #3102.

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