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Carbon Key Hole Buckle Only

$150.00 each

Product Description

Carbon Key Hole Buckle

The safety-minded Carbon Key-Hole buckle system offers many advantages over the traditional hook design. Its low profile design is less likely to get hooked unintentionally and the system will stay hooked until purposefully removed. A low profile means much easier reboarding and less likelihood of scratching gel coat, point loading or damaging a hull. Ball-end trapeze rings are lighter and less dangerous than stainless dogbones or trapeze rings.

The 10″ Key-Hole buckle fits Murray harnesses except Classic (unless you sew it on), all Gul, Magic and most HobieĀ® harnesses; they do not fit DaKine harnesses. The super-strong carbon buckle weighs only 7.5 oz. Connectors are sold by the pair and must be ordered separately (Original #01-1212, Can’t Hurt #01-1213, or Can’t Miss #01-0142).

User comment: “I had a chance to use the key-hole trapeze buckle this weekend and was nicely impressed with its usability in course racing. Not once did I get hung up trying to get hooked or unhooked on the trapeze when making transitions as expected. Far superior than any other mechanism I have used for course racing! Also, the buckle will not puncture the hull if you capsize or are separated from the boat and trying to board again… Very nice!”

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 2 in

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