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Dakine Windsurf Roller Spreader Bar 10″ Windsurf

$32.00 each


Product Description

The roller on this spreader bar makes sail trimming effortless! DaKine’s marine grade, non-corrosive stainless steel bar features a roller that reduces harness line wear. DaKine item #4050450.

The roller bar is available in 2 styles:

New Style: One end has loops for the webbing to attach directly to the spreader bar.  This works on all harnesses with Power Clips.

T Series: This one has one oval on each end of the bar and is for all Posi-lock harnesses, such as the T7, T6… and even older Pyros and NRGs.  The T Series spreader can also be used on Power Clip harnesses before 2014 when they came with 2 Power Clips.

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