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Dakine Spreader Windsurf Bar

$26.00 each


Product Description

DaKine’s ergonomically-designed Windsurfing spreader bar features:

Easy-in, easy-out hook shape and

Non-corrosive, marine grade stainless steel construction.

Crossbar for hold down webbing strap

Part#, Size, Dakine’s part #, Recomended harness size

#01-0156 8″ is DaKine item #4050440 for XS and Small harnesses
#01-0155 10″ is DaKine item #4050520 for Small to Large harnesses
#01-0153 12″ is DaKine item #4050530 for Large to XXL harnesses

Additional information

Weight N/A
Bar Size

8" (20cm), 10" (25cm), 12" (30cm)

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