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Mini Cam Kit for Elliptical Surface

$39.25 each

Product Description

Mini Cam Kit for Elliptical Surface

Mount a mini cam cleat, in any orientation, on almost any elliptical surface. Fits most elliptical surfaces: Hobie®, Nacra, Prindle masts and most others; Hobie and Prindle main beams, etc. You drill holes in the pad to suit your desired line/cleat orientation.


  • On Masts: Mount halyard or downhaul cleat. Pad moves cleat out from mast for better line handling.
  • On Front Main Beam: Mount barberhauler or jib traveler control cleats. H16 sailors note: Ronstan cam cleats are much stronger and more reliable than lance cleats for Hobie® 16 jib traveler control.
  • On Front Main Beam: Mount roller furling line cleat.


  • 01-0109 Murray 2″OD pad for elliptical surfaces
  • 21-5000 Ronstan mini cam cleat
  • 21-5005 Ronstan Fast Track fairlead
  • 19-1624 Fasteners


  1. Position pad(s) and mark location(s). Hint: Job may be easier if you silicone pad in position before you drill holes.
  2. Orient cleat and mark hole positions.
  3. Drill hole in pad using 3/16″ – 7/32″ bit.
  4. Drill hole in mast or beam using 1/8″ – 9/64″ bit for #8 self tapping screws provided.

Hint 1: If using 1/8″ bit, be careful to work screw in hole. If screw breaks, you will have extra work.
Hint 2: Use blue or red loc tite to hold screws and insulate contact surfaces.


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Weight 0.15 lbs

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