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Adapter Pad 3-Hole Hobie/Prindle Elliptical

$6.00 each

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Product Description

Our 3-hole adapter pad fits a Hobie® or Prindle elliptical crossbar. Polyurethane bases provide flat mounting surfaces for mast rotation control cleats, barberhauler cleats, or Hobie® 16 jib trim cleats. Use to mount small Ronstan C-Cleat (#21-5000) or Ronstan Small or Large Swivel 360 Cleats (#21-0067 or #21-0058). Each base can be port or starboard, depending on how cleats are installed. #10 flat head, self-tapping machine screw is an appropriate length for installation. Bases are 2" in diameter.

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Weight 0.06 lbs

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