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Where are my parts?!?! Unfortunately we have been experiencing some issues with all domestic and international shipping carriers
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ATTENTION: Our office staff will be out of the office this week. We will still be shipping and processing web orders, e-mails and voicemails will be handled in a limited capacity. We will be attending AWSI Sept 7th-10th and closed on labor day the 6th. We do this to learn about the new board sports products coming soon to better serve you! We will be back on Mon the 13th.

O'Pen Skiff

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  • O’Pen Bic Dolly

  • O’Pen Skiff Mainsheet Ratchet Block

  • 31328-OpenBic-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Boom Fork

  • 31329-OpenBic-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Clew Shackle

  • O’Pen Skiff Custom Deck Cover

  • Retaining loop 4

    O’Pen Skiff Daggerboard Retaining Loop

  • 53264-openbic-460 (1)

    O’Pen Skiff Drain Plug Housing

  • 30978-BicKayaks-460.jpg__66584.1532046024

    O’Pen Skiff Drain Plugs (10 pk)

  • 52789-BicKayaks-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Front Towing Handle

  • 53263-Hiking Strap

    O’Pen Skiff Hiking Strap

  • 31562-OpenBIC-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Mainsheet

  • O'Pen Skiff Mainsheet Block

    O’Pen Skiff Mainsheet Block

  • Placeholder

    O’Pen Skiff Mainsheet Deck Mount Eye Strap

  • 3458-openbic-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Pads Set

  • O'Pen Rudder Mount Bottom

    O’Pen Skiff Rudder Mount Bottom

  • 53270-OpenBic-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Rudder Mount Top

  • O’Pen Skiff Standard Rig- Complete Boat

  • 31560-OpenBIC-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Tiller Clam Cleat (10 Pk)

  • 31697-OpenBic-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Tiller End Plug (10 pk)

  • O’Pen Skiff Tiller End Plug Murrays Upgrade

  • 31695-OpenBic-460.jpg

    O’Pen Skiff Tiller Extension 70cm

  • openbic_languette_2016-03_101327__77784.1532046085

    O’Pen Skiff Transom Rudder Clip SS