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Murrays joined the Kiteboarding industry by accident in the late ’90s when kiters came to us to buy windsurfing gear to build their own kiteboarding equipment. We quickly fell in love with the sport and see it as the next step in the sports at the intersection between surfing and sailing.  Since then kitesurfing has grown and diversified in many new directions from racing to foiling, waves, freeride, freestyle and big air. Today we are still just as in love with kiting as we were at the beginning and we offer a full range of the latest kiteboarding equipment from kites, to harnesses, foils, and boards. As the sport continues to grow and diversify its can be hard to filter thru the marketing hype to understand what it means and what gear will work best for you. We test all the gear we sell before we bring it in and we focus on performance and value. Whether you are reviving an old kite or looking at the latest gear, we have the products and knowledge to get you dialed.