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Liquid Force NV V8

Departures from the norm and outside of the box thinking are what bring strides in next generation product development. The challenge with this philosophy of thinking and development is to retain all the special characteristics that 7 years of Envy development has achieved. Liquid Force reached a point where the Envy is one of the most user friendly, versatile, kites on the market. The 8th version of the Envy is now here in the Liquid Force NV V8.

Not only does the Liquid Force NV V8 have a new name moniker, but also utilizes a complete new profile and airframe geometries. The most noticeable change is in the wingtip geometry. This drastic change has produced prolific improvements in kite input back to the rider, allowing the rider to focus on what is in front of them and not what is going on above them in the kite. Another benefit of this shape is reduction of wingtip flaring, allowing the kite to move faster through the wind window and reduce light wind back stalling. The leading edge diameter has become more tuned in shape by reducing the diameter in key areas. Reduction in LE shape adds in speed across the wind window and makes for a fluid turning radius. Support of the LE and canopy airframe has been improved over the past generations.


The Liquid Force NV V8 utilizes a new bridle schematic that includes a V load transfer connection. This connection eliminates canopy distortion and creates a more stable bridge of bridle connection points supporting the LE. The NV still retains its legendary stability, its easy to predict on/off feel and bombproof construction, while holding the position as one of the most versatile cross condition and riding style kites on the market. From pro freestyler, to wave seeker, or the weekend warrior, the NV will perform beyond expectations.


Back for the 8th year in a row the LF NV V8 has evolved yet again to be the most user firendly performance Freestyle/Freeride kite on the market!  Smooth handling and aggressive boost characterize the LF NV V8.  Its not a far leap from last years eddition, but a steady progression.  Looks like Julian and the team have been hard at work with all the revisions yet keeping the core characteristics of the NV the everyone has come to know and love.  Its quick, powerfull, super stable and consistent thru the power window.  This kite is a confidence builder, its very intuitive, and predictable, and it can park and ride, boost or take on the surf.  The NV V8 is a cross discipline machine that it can do it all.




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