Barz Sunglasses Floater with Acetate Polarized Lenses

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Product Description

Gone are the days of losing your sunglasses to the bottom of the ocean or lake! The Floater floats like no other, even in the most turbulent water. Floater sunglasses have been put to the test in the surf and haven’t disappointed.

Barz Floater sunglasses have a density of .905 grams per ml, whereas freshwater has a density of 1.00 and saltwater between 1.03 and 1.05, so these glasses will always float! Most glasses that are marketed as floating glasses may do so in very still water, but once they break surface tension, down they go.

All frames feature non-slip temples and nosepiece. The nosepiece is padded to reduce injury to the wearer in the event of a frontal impact.

Floater sunglasses feature a durable TR90 frame that is available in four unique colors:

  • Matte Black with gray temples and nosepiece
  • Gloss Carbon Fiber with gray temples and nosepiece
  • Matte Tortoise Shell with tan temples and nosepiece
  • Light Gray with lime green temples and nosepiece.

Polarized lenses are standard on Floater sunglasses to block glare, improve contrast and maximize visual acuity, making your eyes more comfortable.

Optional photochromic polarized lenses change when exposed to varying levels of UV light, lightening to Cat 2 in low light and darkening to Cat 3 in full sun.

Use this page to order product numbers:

  • Black Frames with Polarized Lenses– 52-4741-121 Gray Lenses, 52-4741-125 Brown Lenses
  • Black Frames with Polarized/Photochromic Lenses– 52-4741-141 Photochromic Gray Lenses
  • Tortoise Frames– 52-4742-121 with Gray Lenses, 52-4742-125 Brown Lenses
  • Carbon Frames with Polarized Lenses– 52-4743-121 Gray, 52-4743-125 Brown Lenses
  • Carbon Frames with Polarized/Photochromic Lenses– 52-4743-141 Photochromic Gray Lenses
  • Gray Frames with Polarized Lenses– 52-4749-121 Gray Lenses, 52-4749-125 Brown Lenses
  • Gray Frames with Polarized/Photochromic Lenses– 52-4749-141 Photochromic Gray Lenses

“They’ve been surfing, stand up paddling, ran in a marathon, ran in an ultra-marathon, hours of trail running, and trail racing, and well… they’re awesome. The carbon Floater pair is unbelievably comfortable. Even after hours and hours, no nose bridge pain, no temple pain, no chafing or discomfort.”  Read the review at RidingBumps.com.

User review (Carbon Frame with amber polarized lenses with wax coating): “The sun glasses are terrific -— the lenses you suggested are fantastic. 4 hrs in that sun and I could see well and eyes were not fatigued at all – they fit very well in the helmet and are very comfortable. I highly recommend both!!!!!

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