Marine Batteries

Lithium-Based Batteries: Lithium-based batteries are the technology of choice for electric mobility applications: they store significantly more energy than other batteries, delivering their capacity even under high loads — a very important benefit for electric propulsion; they don't lose their charge, work in the cold and have no memory effect. Plus, they deliver more cycles. For 8 years, Torqeedo has continually led the way in marine lithium battery development. Improving their batteries every year, Torqeedo has created the most comprehensive protection and safety concept for marine lithium batteries on the market — bringing together performance, safety and comfort.

Battery Management System (BMS) with Redundant Safety: All Torqeedo batteries are protected against overcharge, over-current (short-circuit current) and over-temperature. All batteries are constructed according to a redundant safety principle: Any component with a safety-critical function is backed up by a redundant component that duplicates the safety function. In addition, Torqeedo's Battery Management System provides detailed information about the battery state. Featuring balancing, deep-discharge protection and deep-sleep modes, the batteries can be switched off for safe transport, installation and to prevent the battery from being discharged.

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