Gath Helmets

Gath helmets are the chosen helmets by government SAR swimmers, fire and police units, top professional athletes, and recreational sports enthusiasts around the world. Thousands choose Gath Helmets, including professional and recreational surfers, sailors, whitewater paddlers, kiteboarders, skydivers and rescue service personnel, and all have benefited from Australian Ric Gath's lightweight, close-fitting headgear. Gath helmets boast an impressive safety record since 1988 that speaks for itself. If you want the lightest, best-fitting helmet available that is built to last and offers a practical balance between impact protection and excellent performance, then do what the world's best do— choose Gath.

Why should you choose Gath helmets?

  • Small and round size and shape helps prevent "bucketing" or snagging. Big helmets with hard flairs or "lips" or large "peaks" can scoop water or grab rocks or reef.
  • Maximum coverage, including lower cranium and ears.
  • Face and eye protection is a big bonus! Light weight, both wet or dry, reduces neck strain.
  • Full peripheral vision with no blind spots.
  • Helps prevent water from draining over your eyes when emerging from water.
  • Secure fit, including proper size and a buckle system that does not permit helmet to become dislodged or displaced. If your helmet comes off, it's no good!
  • Appropriate materials and hardware like closed cell foam that doesn't absorb water and stainless steel that doesn't rust.
  • 3-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

DISCLAIMER Gath helmets are NOT designed to provide the level of impact absorbtion expected of cycling or other land-based headgear. Gath's unique design is totally different from a conventional, bulky crash helmet. Gath Helmets trade off a percentage of impact absorption for a more close-fitting layer of defense to better suit high performance extreme sports. Gath protects against the more frequent sporting head injury caused by glancing blows rather than from a direct head first 'crash' into a fixed solid object, where serious injury is likely to occur regardless of helmet. Gath provides a lightweight super snug-fitting layer of defense against superficial head injury and water pressure induced ear perforation and the damaging effects from sun, wind and salt spray. All of this protection while maintaining a streamlined fit to minimize the risk of possible neck injury when penetrating air, water and snow at high speed. Gath high performance headgear is uniquely designed to provide comfort, total vision and freedom of movement, a must for extreme action sports. Which model should you choose? Making the best choice depends on: your sport or activity, your build, and your head size and shape. The benefits or performance level you expect from your Gath helmet.

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