Kayaking Helmets

Why choose a Gath kayaking helmet?

  • Gath is now chosen by many of the world's foremost paddlers.
  • One helmet for all your paddling requirements: surf, creeking, playboating, whitewater, canoe water polo.
  • An elite kayak helmet for an affordable price.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Versatile — the only watersports helmet in the world that offers the flexibility and performance benefits of visors to suit every condition.
  • Best comfort, stability and safety.

Paddle sports which may require a high level of impact protection against collision with rocks or similar objects should choose an EN1385 Approved helmet for whitewater sports or consult local authorities for protection requirements. The Gath Gedi is accredited to EN1385 in all five sizes.

"Arguably, the single most important piece of equipment when kayaking is the kayak helmet. It's certainly the most misunderstood. But not at Gath. Working with some of kayakings top athletes, Gath developed a helmet that is undoubtedly the safest helmet in the industry. The helmet is safe because it covers ALL the vital areas of the head, from the temples to the medulla, and once on the head, it simply does not move. While a helmet must be able to absorb a significant impact, its more important to be able to take multiple glancing blows without failing or rotating on the head, and there simply isnt another helmet on the market that even comes close to the Gath Gedi on both scores. The optional pull down visor protects the eyes from both the harmful rays of the sun, amplified by reflection off the water, and from objects like twigs and branches while portaging, as well as offering greater face protection from rocks when needed. If youre wearing anything else kayaking, you have no respect for your head." -- Corran Addison

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“You guys have been the best Hobie parts supplier for a long, long time. I saw you listed in my catamaran sailing book that was published in 1984.”

“I am a customer for life with this kind of service. Before I purchase anything relating to surfing or sports, you will be the first to get my business.”