Trapeze Accessories


Height Adjustment: Stock trapeze system sometimes permit only rough height adjustment capability. Active trapeze "artists" need more! The next level of sophistication is to incorporate a height adjustment mechanism that functions "on the fly" without sacrificing the smooth recoil feature.

Positive Recoil: The height adjustment mechanism should freely recoil so that the trapeze ring does not unexpectedly disengage from the trapeze hook while shifting fore and aft or in and out in response to changing winds or headings.

Trapeze Rings: The lighter the better because no one likes to be hit by a hard, heavy swinging trapeze ring. However, a larger trapeze ring is useful as a height adjustment mechanism when no other adjustment is available.


A trapeze shock cord is an absolute necessity because it keeps the trapeze system in place and ready for hookup. One hook connects to either the thimble on the trapeze wire or the adjustment line, then runs under the tramp and connects to the other side in the same location.

See also: Trapeze Harnesses and Hooks.