Trapeze Harnesses & Hooks

Which harness is right for you?

The full harness is designed for long distance sailing and challenging wind conditions when shoulder and back support are critical! The half harness allows the sailor to hike out while wearing the least restrictive attire. Often this makes it the recreational sailor's first choice! For ultimate comfort, choose a crotchless design and/or use a spreader bar to eliminate hip squeeze. Keep in mind that a wetsuit worn under a harness will provide a better, more comfortable fit.

Trapeze Comfort and Safety

  • Wear a wetsuit under your trapeze harness to protect yourself from abrasion and to help hold the harness in its proper position.
  • Be sure side-release buckles are completely closed before hiking out!
  • Check trapeze control lines for proper height (dogbone should pull down to within 9" of sidebar), for wear (replace frayed or sun-damaged lines), and be sure that knots are securely tied.
  • Wear non-slip footwear and/or prepare hulls or sidebars with a non-slip surface.

See also: Trapeze Accessories.