Murrays has over 30 years of experience producing rigging especially for catamarans. All our rigging is made to factory specifications. Choose from our wide selection of rigging already in stock or contact us to make custom rigging to your specifications.


Tips on Choosing Rigging

All of our rigging is constructed of stainless steel wire. Any other type of wire is not suitable. Bare wire is slightly more economical, but coated wire offers many advantages. Coated wire is easier to clean, stays cleaner, keeps your sails cleaner, and doesn't wear your sails as much as bare wire. The thin, smooth vinyl coating adds minimal weight and windage. All of our standing rigging is double swaged for maximum strength.

Hydraulic swaging provides many benefits and is available as an upgrade on shrouds. The majority of shroud failures occur at the nicropress oval, where electrolysis between the copper oval and stainless steel wire has occurred. Electrolysis is virtually eliminated when a stainless steel, hydraulically swaged fitting is used. Hydraulic swaging also allows easier inspection of possible broken wires and cracked end terminals. Our hydraulic swager exerts a force of over 10,000 pounds to quickly swage without work-hardening the stainless fittings.

The overall best choice is pre-coated, hydraulic swaged, when applicable. As always, we will be happy to assist you with your selection.

Indicators for Future Failures

Rigging Failures

Rigging should be inspected every time you sail. Any wire with a broken strand should not be used and immediate replacement is suggested. Weak areas can be indicated by a kinking or severe discoloration at the oval. Taking care when stepping the mast helps prevent future problems. Lay things out beforehand to be sure that everything is leading straight (no twists or kinks), especially near fittings. Also check to see that wires will not catch as the mast is raised.


Rigging Terms
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