Barz Sport Goggles Demo

$60.00/ pair

Code: 52-3351D

Before purchasing a pair of Barz Sport Goggles with prescription lenses, you should always try a pair of Barz goggles first to be sure they fit. The Demo Barz are an excellent way to try them out to see if you would like to proceed with having prescription lenses made. One of the main reasons for trying Barz sport goggles before purchasing prescription lenses is to determine which nosebridge best fits your face, then the lenses are made accordingly.

The Demo Barz Sport Goggles include:

  • Goggles (assorted colors as available)
  • Elastic strap
  • Blue/gray polycarbonate standard lenses
  • Medium nosebridge installed
  • Narrow and wide nosebridges on the side
  • Vented gaskets

Most of our Demo goggles are brand new, but have a cosmetic blem. We have a grab bag of assorted colors and regret that colors cannot be specified. One of the reasons we can offer such a great price is that we don't keep track of colors in stock, so we appreciate your not asking. Availability is sometimes limited.

Demo Barz are returnable after testing (30 days maximum) for a full refund of price paid (less shipping), or you can elect to keep them for the price paid.

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