$189.00/ EACH

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The advanced design features, unique close fit, and stable design of the Gath helmet with Retractable Visor (RV) have made it a world leader since 1992. The full face visor is fully adjustable to any position within its range to provide both total vision and maximum face protection against the damaging elements of sun, wind and salt water spray. The RV comes standard with a gray visor fitted, but other visor colors are also available. All visor colors block more than 98% of UV light. Audio vents are fully adjustable to meet your needs. A storage bag is included. Weight: 460-510g.

The Gath helmet with Retractable Visor has long been favored by:

  • Surfers in the tropics (pull the visor down for sun protection)
  • Rescue services (visor protects from helicopter prop wash and spray encountered while driving PWC)
  • Whitewater river enthusiasts (due to near total face and head protection).

"Congrats on a great product! As a trauma doctor and avid watersportsman, my compliments!"

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