JetRescue Shark Man 2 Comm Kit

$995.00/ each

Code: 52-0962


Jet Rescue's Shark Man 2 Communication Kit takes rescue comms to a new level. The headset is totally submersible. It can be worn under any helmet and you retain the comms when you remove your helmet.


  • Specify your radio manufacturer and model (radio is not included).
  • Shark Man 2 Comms are saltwater safe to 2.5m for 30 minutes.
  • Comms are shown with Gath Gedi Convertible helmet with shield. Helmet model (Gath Surf Convertible or Gedi), sizes and color are specified and ordered separately. Face Shield for Gedi shown in photo is an option.


  • One fluid membrane speaker.
  • One IP68 rated boom mic with pre-amp to produce clear audio; military PTT (Push To Talk); IP68 Rated = 30 minutes @ 2.5m depth.

Please contact Murrays for additional information.

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