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Code: 52-0952
Specify your radio make and model:


PLEASE NOTE: The price shown for this system is a starting point. The actual price will depend on many variables, including the make/model of your radio. Please call for a quote on a system to meet your needs. Please note: minimum order is 50.

The features are the same as the Darth$aver Receive-Only System (#52-0951) with the addition of a bone microphone transducer and waterproof military PTT (Push-To-Talk). The push-to-talk uses redundant switching circuitry. If one of the two internal switches fails, the other takes over. This is a feature demanded by US Navy Seals.

Bone conduction speakers or mic-speakers transmit sound through the wearer's cheekbone and are ideal for high level noise environments such as strong wind, helicopter rotors or engine noise. An appropriate claw jack adapter plug connects the Gath-JetRescue Headset to most professional radios (not included).

The 2-Way Gath-JetRescue DS-2 COMMS includes:

  • Bone Conduction Speaker (1)
  • Bone Conduction Microphone (1)
  • Heavy-duty, two-way push-to-talk switch
  • Professional Radio Claw Adapter suited to your radio
  • Waterproof PVC Bag with sealed-in cable


  • Please specify your radio make and model.
  • Order Gath EN1385-approved Gedi or Surf Convertible helmet separately.
  • Radio is not included.
  • Factory installation of comm kit in helmet.

Please note that this item requires a minimum order of 50 units.

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