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Welcome to the fourth installment in what will be a 5 DVD instructional series from REAL Kiteboarding® - the largest lesson center in the world. The first two DVDs have both already won 2006 Telly Awards for outstanding achievement in independent video production. REAL Kiteboarding®'s Surf DVD is the first of its kind in kiteboarding, an instructional video dedicated entirely to riding waves. Although it would seem the direction the sport has taken in the past year is decidedly surf oriented, particularly in the magazines, Real Kiteboarding has incorporated surf instruction into its lesson programs for several years. Now they have opened the books from their highly touted 3-day Surf camp into this new DVD.

The main portion of the DVD is divided up into three chapters: Surf 101, Surf Skills, and Surf Sessions.

Surf 101 is just what it sounds like, an introduction to all the issues you may face when first learning to get into the waves, including tides, currents, swell types, bottom types, wind and wave relationship and many other considerations that will ultimately affect your session.

Surf Skills teaches all the new skills that you will need, and how to modify some of your existing skills to be successful in the waves. Just a few of the topics covered are circuit training, heading out through the surf, absorbing whitewater, duck diving, kite power, turns, staying upwind, and troubleshooting and safety concerns.

Surf Sessions lays it all on the line - jumping off waves, turning on waves, surf style, staying on the face, kite looping, controlling the power, freestyle, aerials, and yes, even getting barrelled.

And with all Real instructional DVDs, there are massive bonus sections. These bonus sections ensure that you are not just getting kiteboarding instruction, but are also getting some of the more difficult-to-find information that advance your knowledge and comfort about being a kiteboarder. The Coaches Tips section is always a favorite, where the Real coaches tell of their trials and tribulations, and ultimately their successes, that have turned them into some of the most confident and respected riders around. Other bonus sections include Equipment for Ocean Riding (Yes, this video is bow kite enabled), and Keeping it Surfside, which discusses the importance of becoming familiar with and comfortable in the ocean. The Surf DVD was filmed in the beautiful British Virgin Islands and will not only teach you how to successfully up your level in the surf, but will also open your eyes to the true worldwide potential of this sport. 120 minutes.

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